Being a TikTok influencer with out the web

What’s it like being a social media influencer in one of the vital militarised and least digitally linked locations on earth? Wasil is a well-liked social media influencer who lives in Jammu Kashmir.

For greater than a 12 months the Indian authorities has slowed the web down and blocked 4G companies within the area.

At instances the web has been minimize off completely. It makes making and importing content material extraordinarily tough, as Reha Kansara reviews for BBC Trending and BBC Minute.

The Indian authorities says the measures are essential to clamp down on militants – however rights organisations name them a severe breach of civil liberties. It’s a part of an ongoing battle within the space that dates again to the Partition of British India in 1947, when British India and newly established Pakistan each claimed the area as theirs.

Video Journalist: Olivia Le Poidevin

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